Series: SBS Deckbase 44 Felt Brand: IKO Industries

SBS Deckbase 44 Felt

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This felt-style product offers heavy-duty protection at the critical eaves area of a roof.

At 44” wide, this felt underlay makes installation easy and offers long-lasting, substantial protection from the elements at your roof’s eaves. This is a high-performing and substantial modified bitumen roll roofing product, which is ready for your major residential projects, thanks to its glass-fiber reinforcement.

Strong yet flexible, this product is compatible with asphalt shingles and offers an easy to handle, thin and lightweight composition so you can apply easily to your residential roofing project. And it lays flat for a uniform look, so you don’t have to worry about unevenness. It’s not a peel and stick product, which means it’s easy to remove when it’s time to re-roof.



  • 18 x 1.1 m (59' x 3.6')

Cover Per Package

  • 20 m² (216 sq. ft.)

Quantity Per Pallet

  • 40

Quantity Per Unit/Package

  • 1


  • ASTM D4601


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