Ener-Air Sheathing

Brand: IKO Industries

IKO Ener-Air Wall Insulation is a rigid, polyisocyanurate foam insulation panel with high thermal properties. It is constructed from closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded on each side to coated fiberglass facers during the manufacturing process.

IKO Ener-Air is designed to be a non-structural sheathing in cavity wall, stud wall or cathedral ceiling construction.

It is a dimensionally stable air barrier with a high water vapor permeance and excellent water shedding capabilities. The product is lightweight, easy to handle and can be sized with ease. IKO Ener-Air has a high thermal R-value of R6 per inch (RSI 1.05 per 25 mm), providing superior insulation protection, which helps to reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.
  • Provides high thermal resistance of R6 per inch (RSI 1.05 per 25 mm) for improved energy efficient performance of walls
  • Helps decrease the cost of construction. Designers can reduce the overall footprint of their buildings, as a smaller thickness of Ener-Air achieves the same R-value (RSI) as other thicker types of insulation
  • Environmentally friendly. Ener-Air does not contain HCFC’s, making it an ideal "Green” product. Ener-Air’s Energy Star® certification means that it clearly contributes to reducing energy consumption
  • User-friendly. Coated glass facers on both sides of the sheathing provide moderate abuse-resistance on the jobsite Ener-Air is lightweight & easy to cut, thus reducing labor costs on site
  • Provides versatility. Coated glass fiber facings provide the increased moisture resistance necessary for cavity wall applications. Ener-Air’s facings are also compatible with solvent-based materials, which can attack and compromise the performance of other thermoplastic insulations
  • Has a uniform thickness for consistently maintaining air space requirements in cavity wall applications

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  • Thickness - 25 mm
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  • Thickness - 16 mm
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  • Thickness - 50 mm
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  • Thickness - 18 mm
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  • Thickness - 12 mm
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  • Thickness - 38 mm
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Compressive Strength

  • Nominal 110 kPa (16 psi)

Tensile Strength

  • Nominal >24 kPa (>3.48 psi)

Flexural Strength MD/XD

  • Monimal 607 kPa/497 kPa (88 psi/72 psi)

Water Adsorption

  • 3.5% Vol./Vol.

Dimensional Stability MD/XD

  • ±2% /±2% @70° C

Water Vapor Transmission

  • >60 ng/Pa-s-m² (>1 perms)

Air Permeability @ 75 Pa

  • <0.02 L/s-m²

Air Leakage

  • Class A1

Flame Spread

  • < 55, <75

Smoke Developed

  • <500, <450

Service Temperature

  • -40° to 100° C (-40° to 212° F)

Width Tolerance

  • ±4.0 mm (±0.16 in)

Length Tolerance

  • ±2.0 mm (±0.08 in)

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

  • 14-15

Odour Emission

  • Pass

Certifications & Approvals

  • cUL
  • ASTM

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