15" Irwin Universal Handsaw

Brand: IRWIN Tools

The IRWIN® Universal Handsaw delivers performance and quality results that users demand on the jobsite.

With a proprietary handle design, the angle in which force is exerted converts energy into full blade strokes, cutting through multiple materials.

This specially-designed handle, combined with triple-ground teeth, reduces binding and cuts three times faster than traditional handsaws.

The Universal Handsaw provides the speed of a coarsecutting saw, and the fine finish of a fine-cutting saw.

Designed for fast cuts, the universal handsaw is a jobsite staple.
  • Proprietary handle-to-blade angle for more natural motion, reduced cutting effort, and less binding 
  • Triple Ground Teeth that cut on both the push and pull stroke to achieve coarse cut speed, fine cut finish, and ease of start 
  • Lighter than traditional handsaws for less hand fatigue 
  • Built-in 45˚ and 90˚ marking angles

  • General Utility Cuts 
  • Overhead Fascia and Gable Work 
  • Removing Door Plates 
  • Drywall Rough-in 
  • Tight Cuts Where Power Tools Can't Reach 
  • Making Hand Cuts in Custom Installations When the Miter Angle is Greater Than 55º

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