ExoAir® 110AT

Brand: Tremco Incorporated

ExoAir® 110AT is a 22-mil composite impermeable membrane that is comprised of 16 mils of butyl and 6 mils of HDPP facer. It can be used as the membrane, detailing accessory, as well as thru-wall flashing of an air barrier system. ExoAir 110AT when installed properly as a system will provide the requirements of an air barrier: air impermeable, continuity, structural integrity and durability.
  • ExoAir 110AT is an impermeable, self-adhered sheet designed to be applied to exterior cavity walls in order to mitigate air infiltration/exfiltration, vapor transmission and water penetration.
  • Typically applied to exterior sheathing boards and concrete block, ExoAir 110AT can also be applied to poured concrete, steel, wood based, Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), and insulated concrete forms substrate, as well as serve as detailing or a transition membrane into window and door openings.
  • The high-performance butyl has been tested and is compatible with the ExoAir product line
  • Primerless application allows for faster installation time
  • Manufactured to a preset, uniform thickness that provides consistent and uniform coverage
  • Rugged HDPP film protects high-performance butylmembrane against incidental damage during construction process
  • Variety of widths available for job specific needs
  • White facer reduces heat absorption, resulting in thermal stability during construction cycle
  • Material installation and service temperatures eliminate the need for low temperature or high temperature accessories
  • Reduced material weight compared to traditional 40-mil systems reduces fatigue on installers and can increase productivity



  • Butyl Sheet with White HDPP Facer


  • White HDPP Facer


  • 100%


  • 0.17 lb/ft² (0.83 kg/M²


  • Self-Adhered


  • 22 mils: 16 mils butyl, 6 mils HDPP Facer

Storage Temperature

  • Temperatures not exceeding 100°F (37°C)

Application Temperature

  • Above 20°F (-6°C) and Rising

Service Temperature

  • Intermittent Exposure up to 240°F (115°C)

Maximum V.O.C. (Method 310)

  • 0 g/L

Water Resistance (AATCC-127)

  • Pass (5 hours)

Crack Bridging (ASTM C1305)

  • Pass

Elongation Tensile Strength (ASTM D412 Die C)

  • 1570 PSI
  • 650%

Peel or Stripping Strength (ASTM D903)

  • ExoAir 110AT - 9.0 lbf/in
  • Exterior Sheathing - 7.3 lbf/in
  • CMU - 8.0 lbf/in
  • Plywood - 5.7 lbf/in

Tear Initiation (ASTM D4073)

  • CMD (Cross Machine Direction) 21 lbf
  • MD (Machine Direction) 24 lbf

Adhesion (ASTM D4541)

  • 38.7 PSI

Flame Spread Smoke Development (ASTM E84)

  • 5-10

Water Vapor Permeance (ASTM E96 Wet Cup)

  • 0.04 US Perms

Water Vapor Permeance (ASTM E96 Dry Cup)

  • 0.02 US Perms

Water Penetration (ASTM E331)

  • Passed at 6.26 lb/ft² (300 Pa) for 2 hours

Material Air Permeance (ASTM E2178; Free film Method @ 75 Pa)

  • 0.001 L/sm²

Air Barrier Assembly Air Leakage (ASTM E2357)

  • 0.003 L/s•m² @ 75 Pa

Fire Resistance of Assembly (NFPA 285)

  • PASS

Tensile Strength (ASTM D882)

  • 28 lbf/in

Resistant to Puncture (ASTM E154)

  • 52 lbf/in


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