Interior Ceiling Drywall

Brand: CertainTeed

Designed for interior ceilings where there is a demand for sag resistance.

CertainTeed Interior Ceiling Gypsum Board consists of a solid set, fire-resistive gypsum core enclosed in ivory-colored face paper and a strong liner back paper, for use on interior ceilings where framing is spaced up to 24" (610 mm) o.c. Gypsum core is comprised of special sag-resistant additives. Interior Ceiling Gypsum Board is available in a variety of lengths.
  • Resists sagging; supports heavy textured water-based paints and unsupported insulation. Gypsum core is composed of special sag-resistant additives.
  • Creates uniform appearance; standard tapered conventional edges provide smooth, sturdy joints.
  • Non-combustible gypsum core increases fire safety.
  • Provides excellent paintability, accepting primer and paint absorption.
  • Sized same as standard gypsum board 1/2" (12.7 mm) to allow maximum use of leftover pieces, thereby minimizing waste.
  • Easy score-and-snap cutting — no sawing or need for special tools.
  • Rapid screw or nail attachment.
  • Openings can be made where and when required, during or after installation.
  • Can be applied with furring and trim common to conventional construction.
  • Consistently high quality.
  • Uniformly flat, attractive appearance; no shadows.
  • No wavy edges, warps, bows or deformities.
  • Uniform high-strength cores eliminate crumbling, cracking.



  • 1/2" (12.7 mm)


  • 8' (2440 mm)
  • 10' (3050 mm)
  • 12' (3660 mm)
  • 14' (4270 mm)
  • 16' (4880 mm)


  • 4' (1220 mm)


  • Tapered


  • 100% recycled ivory-colord face paper and a strong liner back paper

Applicable Standards

  • ASTM C1396

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