Starter Strip Plus Shingle

Part Number: SSPL Brand: Owens Corning

Starter Strip Plus Shingle

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Starter Strip Plus Shingle helps save time by eliminating the need to cut shingles to create a starter row. Starter Strip Plus Shingle is packaged two pieces per shingle, and perforated down the center for easy separation.
  • Provides a machine-cut straight edge at the eave and along the rake for a clean look
  • Easy for one person to position on the roof
  • For use with any shingle that has an exposure up to 6 inches
  • Continuous sealant provides exceptional bonding strength, ensuring an effective seal between the starter and the first course of shingles
  • Convenient as one bundle provides one square of material (105 linear feet of actual coverage)


Shingle Size

  • 15-1/2 " x 39-3/8" (394 x 1,000 mm)

Piece Size

  • 7-3/4 " x 39-3/8" (197 x 1,000 mm)

Shingles Per Bundle

  • 16

Pieces Per Bundle

  • 32 (7-3/4 " x 39-3/8" [197 x 1,000 mm])

Lineal Feet Per Bundle

  • Approximately 105 ft (32.004 m)

Applicable Standards

  • ASTM D3462
  • ASTM D3161 (Class F Wind Resistance)
  • ICC-ES AC438
  • ASTM E108/UL 790 (Class A Fire Resistance)
  • PRI ER 1378E01


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